New Years Day 2019: To start the year off right, I decided to go out and do some shooting. With rolls of film and my trusty Leica M4, my destination that afternoon was Quansoo, a beautiful beach on the south shore of Martha’s Vineyard.

It was extremely windy and the ocean water was quite active. My goal was to experiment with these conditions using a 1.8 ND filter and tripod during the bright afternoon sun. How to capture the motion of the beach grasses and the waves that were crashing to the shore in a photograph? The experiment was great fun, and the results are somewhat pleasing – I hope you agree. The project and image names were inspired by the film High Society.

Learn more about this beautiful beach…

Heaven Brought Us Together
One Fine Day
True Love
How Lucky We Are
Love Forever True
Sounds Like Dancing
You’re Sensational, That’s All

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